7 Causes of AC Not Cold and How to Overcome It

Ever felt confused when overheated, the AC was not even cold? AC is not cold like this causes a lot, you should first identify the cause of the AC is not cold and how to overcome it so that it can be serviced immediately or even can be repaired by yourself. Because there are actually a number of causes that the AC is not cold, it can be serviced by itself without having to be done by a best AC technician such as HVAC Kenosha. Let’s look further, we start from the simplest.

Remote AC

It turns out that the remote also causes the air conditioner not to cool, but not due to damage to the remote. The average cause of the cold air conditioner that is not included in the problem on the remote is the remote setting error only. Improper settings make the air conditioner not cold. To fix this, consider the remote screen. Check the position of the mode used because there are 3 modes on the AC remote which are dry, auto, and cool modes. For cold temperature settings, make sure the setting mode is auto or cold. Because the dry mode means that the air conditioner is not cold, it just comes out.

Room Area

The area of ​​the room can also affect AC performance. For room size 3 × 3 we can use AC 1 Pk. But for a wider room then use AC 1.5 or 2 PK. The more spacious the room, the temperature needed to reduce room temperature will be greater. Therefore, try to use AC in accordance with the area of ​​the room or room to be installed AC. If not, the room will not feel the maximum cold.

But what if AC is already installed with a smaller PK size for a large space? To get the maximum cold down to the lowest temperature available on the AC remote. No matter how cold it is enjoyed while preparing to replace a larger AC capacity.

Freon runs out

Freon serves to cool the air conditioner. The characteristics of freon AC home run out then the air conditioner will not be cold. If the freon decreases it also causes the same thing that the air conditioner is not cold enough to reduce the temperature of the air in the room. The fix is to ​​ask the AC technician to check whether freon runs out or not. If it runs out, ask all technicians to replace it.

Freon leakage

Freon can usually be replaced every 4-5 years because freon is only used a little to cool the air conditioner. But what happens if your AC changes freon so often? Because the freon is only replaced every 4-5 years, then you have to be suspicious that something is wrong with the freon connector, it could be a pipe that isn’t smooth due to being broken/bent or leaking. If you feel that way, ask the technician to check your AC freon pipe if it is in good condition or problematic. If you have a problem, you can simply ask the technician to correct or replace the pipe.


The compressor also affects the air conditioner to not be cold. The condition of the damaged compressor can make the air conditioner not cold, if you have checked the others above, the air conditioner is still not cold then check the compressor. Weakened compressors can be checked by listening to the sounds made by the compressor. If the sound is loud, the compressor electric current is lower than standard conditions, and the pressure exceeds the standard, it can be concluded that the compressor is damaged. The solution has to replace the compressor immediately.

A compressor can be damaged due to age, usually experiencing the presence of rust so that it becomes a leak at the location of the rust. Compressors can also wear out due to age. In addition, compressor amperes that are too high can cause compressor damage. The compressor will heat easily. If the compressor continues to heat it will be very easily damaged. If your AC compressor is broken, then replace it with a new compressor according to your AC’s capacity. And if the AC is more than 10 years old, it is advisable to replace the AC unit outside the room to be more effective.

Outdoor Unit

Not cold air conditioning can also be caused by incorrect placement of outdoor units. Outdoor units need enough space or space to work optimally. If placed in a narrow space or too small then the outdoor will work hard and will cause heat quickly.

Dirty AC

If your air conditioner is usually cold but suddenly it doesn’t cool down, maybe your air conditioner is dirty. How to clean a home air conditioner can be done alone, but to be safe it is better to ask the air conditioning services to clean it. Perform regular air conditioning maintenance to keep the cold awake. Besides the age of the AC will be durable and able to last a long time. The right time for AC service is a maximum of 3 months. If more than that, there will be a decrease in the quality of cold temperatures because the air conditioner is dirty.