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The identical stories that go viral on social media for being sad are also unhappy for the employees caring for those animals, many of whom grow deeply connected to their charges and expertise empathy for even the briefest lives. A kitten so beloved by the workers that they carried him around in a sling is buried beneath a plum tree outdoors the shelter. These AI-powered “animals” are revolutionizing the idea of household pets, offering a tantalizing glimpse into a future the place traditional canines and cats may be replaced by their robotic counterparts. One compelling example of this transformative trend is the advent of Go1, an clever quadruped robotic companion, developed by the pioneering Unitree Robotics in China.

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About forty pet owners buy these kits in Singapore every year, mentioned Ms Sharifah Khairiyah Syed Mohamad, director of Singapore and Malaysia at EasyDNA. For greater peace of mind, some owners are turning to DNA tests to make sure that their pets don’t have any underlying medical circumstances. For Ms Trina Liang, beyond the time spent in serving to Max, her Singapore Special, confide in people, she also has one small indulgence for the canine – its wardrobe.